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B & L Ram Pumps

A Leader in Kinetic Energy Ram Pumps Since 1985


The B & L Ram is almost maintenance-free, and its lightweight makes it easily handled even in difficult terrain. Whether you want a pump with full portability or one for a fixed installation, there are models designed to fit your water needs.

B & L has been building one of the market's most efficient, dependable and cost effective ram pumps since 1985. Using NO electricity or gasoline B & L ram pumps can deliver from 200 to 4,000 gallons of water per day, depending on the size of the pump and the installation.

Using the principle of capturing kinetic energy from moving water means you can pump water cost-free, electricty-free, and gasoline-free for up to a quarter of a mile from a spring or stream.

B & L pumps are made with modern materials and are easily serviced. Whether you are a weekend camper, hunter, homeowner, third-world resident or a Missionary the B & L Ram Pump may well be the answer to your water needs.