Even though the hydraulics of any ram pump is complicated, the operation of the B & L Ram is simple to follow…the water from the source, a stream, pond, artesian well or spring, is directed into a drive (intake) pipe until a necessary minimum volume is achieved.

Water flows down the drive pipe until it reaches a specially designed poppet valve. At this point water escapes through the waste valve opening until it builds up enough velocity to close the poppet.

Since the flowing water in the drive pipe can no longer escape through the waste valve (poppet) opening, it is forced to open an internal in-line check valve.
Water continues past the check valve and starts compressing the trapped air inside the bladder in the air tank. Water continues to push against the air bladder in the tank until the compressed air cushion acts like a piston, pushing the water back down and out of the air tank.

This action, in turn, closes the one-way check valve causing water to be forced out of the ram and up the discharge pipe to its destination.

Meanwhile, the closing of the check valve has created a slight vacuum or suction, which permits the waste valve poppet to drop open again.
This allows water from the drive pipe to escape through the waste valve opening, initiating a new cycle, and if properly set up, will continue to do so about 60 to 80 times per minute.

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